Job seeker tips / How to Avoid Scams

Most internet users are affected by scammers in some way or another, and we do our best to prevent our website and users from falling victim to them. Following is some advice to help you recognize a scam.

#1 - Scammers usually want money and personal information. Think carefully before giving away either.
You should never have to pay for anything – especially not for a job or an interview.

#2 - Make sure you are dealing with a reputable company first before sending through confidential information.
Always try to email or apply online as some fax numbers charge a fee per page you send through.

#3 - The internet is a good place to research employer or recruiter credentials and also consider making a phone call or two that will further confirm they are legitimate.

#4 - Please Note: jobs that require upfront payments are most definite scams.

We doing our best to keep jobking running smooth and safe.
Please report any suspicious activity to us on the Contact form below.

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